About us – Eco Friendly Products Manufacturer in India

At nksgenterprises.com, we believe that everyone deserves a save earth. Innovation and ingenuity make us happy: our goal is to ECO friendly bags India & eco friendly.

Eco Friendly Bags - Wholesaler & Wholesale Dealer in India
About us: Eco Friendly Bags – Wholesaler & Wholesale Dealer in India

ECO friendly Bags India

  • Made from 100% ECO-friendly Bags India & eco friendly natural fibers.


  • ECO-friendly Bags can be re-used 1000s of times

Innovative Fabrics

  • ECO-friendly Bags Recycled cotton, biodegradable plastic, jute cotton

Quirky Original

  • Original designs from 20 eco-conscious designers worldwide


  • Each ECO-friendly Bags can carry over 10kg each

Ethically Manufactured

  • SEDEX 4 pillar audited manufacturing facilities

We are excited to help you on your journey!

Why say no to plastic :

BYOB basically stands for ‘Bring Your Own Bag’. Hold habits die hard, but switch to options such as cloth bags, jute bags or eco-friendly bags made from natural starch and vegetable waste instead of plastic bags, whenever you go to a kairana shop or vegetable market. Remove reusable bags in your home, cars will come in handy without paying extra for carry bags. Save your planet from suffocation.

Eco friendly business

Creating an eco-friendly business means being mindful of the waste products that make up your business, and the way it uses resources to conduct business. There are lots of options for how you can do packaging and advertising that have little impact on the environment. As a business, you stand to make a strong impression of how you are approached by working with fuel conservation suppliers who use hybrid technologies and ensure that when buying or selling products that you are Consider that part of it is cost and impact.

Eco friendly community

Growing an environmentally friendly community is becoming easier. There are more and more community gardens, swap meats and farmers markets that make it easier for the entire community to actively participate in environmentally friendly activities. If your community does not have any of these, then you should consider starting them.